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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy is a type of psychotherapy designed to promote emotional and mental health through feelings and expressions in the body. It is based on the interaction between body and mind and believes that bodily feelings and expressions can affect emotions and thinking, able to help people understand their inner experience. The theoretical basis of physical therapy is the mind-body theory. Mind-body theory holds that the body and the mind are interactive, and how the body feels and responds can affect emotional and mental health. Body perception and body expression are critical for people to understand and process their own emotional and psychological experiences. Body perception and expression can promote physical and mental coordination and contribute to emotional and mental balance and health. Physical expression is the expression of emotion and inner experience through actions, body language, voice, and facial expressions. Through physical expression, people can express their emotions and inner experience more freely, help understand and process their emotions and inner experience, help release tension and pressure, and improve physical fitness and psychological adaptability. Physical relaxation can help people relieve physical and psychological tension and stress. The purpose of physical therapy is to help people perceive and understand their emotions and inner experiences, and to promote emotional and psychological well-being. During the treatment process, the therapist will help patients discover their own bodily feelings and expressions through communication and observation with patients, guide them to explore and understand their own emotions and inner experiences through bodily feelings and expressions. Can be applied to many psychological problems. For example, people with anxiety and depression often experience physical tension and discomfort. Sensing and expressing through the body can help them relieve physical tension and discomfort, also help to understand and process their emotions and inner experiences. People with PTSD often experience physical discomfort and fear. Sensing and expressing through the body can help them relieve physical tension and fear and regain self-awareness and control.

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