Cheryl Tang

Trainee Therapist

When I was first exposed to psychology, I was intrigued by the applicability of psychology theories in explaining different human behaviours, thought processes and emotions. My curiosity in psychology increased when I started observing connections between how past experience could affect one in real life.

Before this, I was once a part-time teacher and an online listener. As a part-time teacher, I learned to build trust with children of different ages; as an online listener, I learned to listen and understand one’s needs. These experiences enlightened me about the purpose of counselling, encouraging me to pursue Masters of Professional Counselling to better support individuals throughout their mental health journey.

Besides academic studies, I also volunteered as a crisis hotline supporter and was a practicum counsellor. As a crisis hotline supporter, I learned that active listening is helpful in exploring one’s inner strength and resilience; as a practicum counsellor, being empathic and understanding from client’s perspective helped me recognise that every client has their unique journey and respecting their pace is vital.

Furthermore, I attended personal counselling to discuss unresolved issues due to the importance of self-awareness and personal growth. Through this experience, I recognised the importance of the trust between a counsellor and a client, and the courage needed to fully disclose personal experiences with the counsellor. Hence, this strengthens my belief in building trust and therapeutic alliance with my clients.

As a counsellor, I hope to hold a safe space for you in exploring your inner world while promoting curiosity, self-acceptance and self-care. I believe that everyone has their strengths and psychological resilience and I hope to help you discover and tap into your personal strengths and resilience.

Educational Information

Educational Information

Educational Bachelor of Psychological Science, Monash University Malaysia
Masters of Professional Counselling, Monash University Malaysia (Ongoing)
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Language English, Mandarin
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