Wong Xin See

Mental Health Therapist (In Pursuit of Malaysia LKM License)

My interest in psychology emerged when I started to notice that me and my sister have a completely different set of the way we see ourselves, others, and the world even though we grew up from the same family. With the curiosity, I started to embark in psychology, hoping to get a better understanding about human behaviour, mental processes and the scientific aspects of the human mind.

After I graduated, I worked as a customer service executive to enhance my communication skills and problem-solving abilities. After working for a year as a customer service executive, I decided to explore the mental health field by working as a client coordinator in a private mental health counselling centre.

The biggest takeaway from this job was the ability to assist clients in making decisions on how to access therapy services. I learned to actively listen to clients’ needs and purpose for seeking therapy and provide them with the necessary information and appropriate recommendations.

Also, throughout my daily interaction with clients in the centre, I noticed that most clients were more worried by the ideas that therapy by nature requires them to be open, honest and vulnerable which does not come naturally for so many people, and that inspired me to pursue Masters in Counselling to get a better understanding of what is counselling and therapy to help more people feeling safer to come in for their first session.

While studying for my masters, I took the opportunity to reach out to a counsellor to deal with the unfinished business of my past as I would like to be more in charge of my own life, less defeated by undesirable events, and better able to create for myself the kind of life I want.

From my personal counselling sessions, I experienced the struggle in showing up in sessions as I denied that I was hurt inside, which allows me to later realise that the desire to seek professional help requires a great deal of courage and determination towards growth and change.

Because of such experience, I learned the importance of creating a safe space for clients to be seen and heard, and I believe the importance of supporting clients to feel that they are not alone in their struggle.

As a therapist, I hope to provide a gentle, safe, respectful, empathic space for you to become curious and empowered to reach your full potential through connecting your mind and body and equipping you with the inner resources you need for a greater understanding of yourselves.

Educational Information

Educational Information

Educational Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), HELP University.
Masters in Counselling, HELP University.
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Language English, Chinese
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