Phoebe Yee

American Certified Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapy is a kind of psychotherapy in the United States, which understands a person from the dynamics of the family system (Family Dynamic), help individuals to learn about themselves from people (relationships between people), things (accidents of growth experience), and things (experience contact) experienced in the process of family growth, which can be individuals, husband and wife relationships, intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, or families between members, and can improve family getting along patterns, relationships and promote personal growth.

Family interaction and communication are common relationship conflicts. In the process of understanding the interaction mode between families, the goal of treatment can be achieved. Transforming the inner grudges and bringing about changes is to break through the shackles of the self and deal with each situation with a new model in relationships and circumstances, that is a great move.

I am studying for a master’s degree in Hong Kong and at the same time went to Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Henan, and other places to provide training, teaching and preaching on marriage and family topics. The relationship between family, marriage and relationship can reflect our experience and personality. In-depth discussion, you will understand that every stage of growth will affect me today and let me see the needs of Malaysia in the future.

A growing country naturally faces many social problems. Among them, people are affected by stress and emotions. The community needs to establish counselling and treatment caters to help families with stress, such as: violent families, single-parent families, addicted families, divorce, unemployment, mental and emotional families, educational problems, community culture, etc.

When I returned to Malaysia in 2014, I passed on the knowledge of marriage & family, provide counselling courses (personal growth, developmental psychology, counselling skills, group therapy, counselling theory, etc.), using non-profit method to cultivate trainee counsellors, among them are students with counselling certificates or diplomas (because Malaysia only recognizes students who have completed local universities, as foreign or private certificates are not recognized), supervise them to deal with different cases, analyze family and marital problems, as for complex and crisis cases, we will arrange referrals, so that we can enter the community to help more families, being invited to give lectures in different places (therapy begins at home, parent-child education, couples get along with each other, family trauma, etc.), and has been on the radio and newspapers to share family issues. In 2018, the first Malaysian Chinese Christian marriage and family counselling conference for education and cultivation was held.

There are similarities and differences in the thought, culture, and education between Eastern and Western people. The Chinese believe that family rumors should not be publicized, and that they can solve personal problems by themselves, thinking that seeing a psychiatrist and psychotherapy is a shameful thing.

Please let me assure you, now you are just stuck at the edge of a mountain, many pressures and struggles are difficult to verbalize, I understand your inner struggle and I will walk your journey with you, accompany you to meet the unknown self, tap and discover your potential and ability to face every struggle, restore the injured, and rebuild a healthy family, beautiful interpersonal relationship and a strong self. Remember, you are not alone, with my sincere heart, I will make you feel safe and walk in a relationship of mutual trust, which is a process of healing.

I am certified by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) and the Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association; I am also one of the teaching assistants of the Hakomi International Training Center in Hong Kong and China, and I am currently studying Zhengdao in Kaohsiung, Taiwan PhD program at the Seminary. Moving towards mental health and self-growth is something I've always been looking for.

"The essence of Hakomi is to pay attention to what is going on inside without judgment,
It is also a path to deep and lasting healing. "

Educational Information

Educational Information

Educational 基督教婚姻及家庭治疗硕士 (伯特利神学院)
Master of Christian Marriage & Family Therapy (MCMFT) – Bethel Bible Seminary
神学道学士 (马来西亚神学院)
Bachelor of Divinity – Seminari Theoloji Malaysia
Certification American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy(AAMFT) - (Member ID: 195522)
The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association Member - (Member ID: M904)
Field of expertise 临床牧关教育证书 Certificate of Clinical Pastoral Education
婚前准备/婚后跟进合格评估师 (Prepare/Enrich辅导员) Prepare/Enrich Counselor
Kimochis儿童情绪培训老师 Kimochis Teacher
哈科米正念軀體心理治疗(Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology)
Years of practice 13 years 十三年
Professional work experience NACC Malaysia | National Association of Christian Counselors 课程讲师
Sabah Theological Seminary Lecturer 课程讲师
Bible College of Malaysia 课程讲师
Participated in numerous radio station and newspaper as a guest lecturer 以讲师身份参与多家电台及报刊活动
Language Cantonese, Chinese
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